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Grandpa’s Mind Reading Card Trick

Did you know Adam London’s grandpa could read minds?! Okay, not really, but Adam became interested in magic after watching his beloved grandfather perform various magic tricks. Now, as a comedy magic legend in Nevada and California, Laughternoon’s Adam London shares how to do the first card trick he ever learned from Grandpa London!

The Paddle Shuffle

Before you learn Grandpa’s mind-reading card trick, you’ll need to learn how to do the paddle shuffle, also known as the Hindu shuffle. The paddle shuffle is one of many ways to shuffle a deck of cards. It’s easy to learn, and the more you practice, the quicker you can do it! Here’s a simple, three-step process to do the paddle shuffle:

Step 1: Hold the cards with your thumb and middle finger.

Step 2: Pull the top few cards and drop them in your hand.

Step 3: Continue pulling cards until you’re at the end of the deck, and drop the remaining cards on top of the cards you removed.

You may be tempted to add the cards you removed back to the bottom of the deck. You can do this when simply shuffling the cards, but doing this will make it challenging to do Grandpa London’s card trick!

Grandpa’s Mind Reading Card Trick

Grandpa London was an amateur magician who fueled the magic fire for Laughternoon’s Adam London. The first card trick Adam ever learned was Grandpa’s mind-reading card trick. All you need is a deck of cards to perform this easy trick to amaze your friends and wow your children! You’re going to do what’s called a “magician’s force” or “paddle force” by “forcing” your friends to choose the bottom card without them knowing.

Before performing the trick, casually look and remember the bottom card of the deck. Knowing the bottom card, you will repeat Step 1 and Step 2 of the paddle shuffle tutorial. Remember, don’t add the cards you removed to the bottom of the deck! As you continue pulling cards from the top of the deck, you’ll ask your friend to say stop when they’re ready. When your friend says stop, you’ll show them the bottom card of the deck and “guess” what it is, creating the illusion that you can read their minds!

Grandpa London’s mind-reading card trick looks like you’re shuffling the cards when, in reality, you’re pulling the top cards without adding them back to the deck. If you need a visual, check out Adam London’s card trick tutorial below:

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