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The Stinky Breath Test

Have you ever wanted to test a friend or family member for stinky breath? Don’t stick your nose in their face—try this fun party trick, the “Stinky Breath Test,” and make your friends and family have a good laugh!

Stinky Breath Test Preparation

All you need is a small Ziploc bag and a pair of scissors. For the children in the audience, please be careful with scissors and ask an adult to help you prepare for this fun magic trick! Follow these simple steps to prepare to test your friends for bad breath. Step 1: Make sure the ziploc is tight before cutting anything! Step 2: Take your scissors and carefully cut the “zipper” from the rest of the bag. You should only have the “zipper” left from the Ziploc bag, which should look like a small plastic stick. Step 3: Cut the zipper/stick about half an inch off one side. Now you’re ready to do the “Stink Breath Test!” Before you get started, a helpful but optional step is to take the scissors and carefully make a few little cuts on the end you cut off (don’t cut all the way through). This will create little grooves so you know which end to hold before you test your papa’s breath!

Time to Test Breath!

Now that you have this small, unassuming zipper stick, it’s time to test some breath! Hold the end where you cut grooves between your thumb and index finger. Practice the trick a few times before you try it by simply rubbing your fingers together to make the stick curl. Have you seen those funny cartoons where a flower is hit by something smelly and curls over from the stench? That’s the idea behind the Stinky Breath Test! Go to Grandpa Joe or your good friend Lester and tell them you have a test to see if they have stinky breath. Hold the stick (as described above) in front of your friend and have them blow on it. Rub your fingers together after they blow on it to make it curl forward because of the “stench.” Your friend will focus more on what the stick will do when they blow on it, so they won’t notice you moving your fingers together to curl the zipper. You did it! You tested your friend’s breath without letting them know they have stinky breath! All jokes aside, if you need a visual of the Stinky Breath Test, check out Adam London‘s tutorial below:

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